The simple thing to do.

Let me ask you a question, how simple is simple?

Very tricky question you can say. Holiness is very simple, living without sinning is simple, not cheating is simple, forgivness is simple…not i can see people starting to shake their heads,

but the truth is that, it is very simple. All we have to do is make the decision that makes it all simple.

This morning the Holy spirit was ministering to me and asked me a funny question,

He said “you people claim that God is your everything, well, here is the true test of that…give out everything that you have, ever had, and will ever have…until you have nothing else but God. Then and then can we say that God os your everything.”

is this simple? I can hear a loud swallow. We just need to see things from the angle and perspective of God, that is when we will understand that He is the only one that we need to depend on.

Shortly, i am going to give the second part of this post, but before i end this one, here is an important message…

Before you claim to give God anything…you need to give Him one very important thing…wanna know it?

Well, what you need to give God is very simple…YOU!

You need to give him your all, thats when you can now talk about giving Him something else…so if you have been giving things without giving Him the most important…then you are just wasting your time…

To be continued…


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