The simple thing to do 2

Ahem….*clears throat*, alright then, now to the concluding part. This was actually what i had in mind with the topic before i deviated in a positive manner….

Here are three things i want to mention and how simple it is to avoid them. So this post is going to be very short (length is not always proportional to wisdom and sense)

lust of the eyes- dont look twice at anything that makes you lust by looking at it, the moment you do, you begin to think of it.

Lust of the flesh- DIE. This may sound funny, but the truth is…you will keep fighting with the flesh until you die…so this mesns that the flesh must die…fasting is a good way of killing the cravings of the flesh…whenever you are about to do something…ask this question.

“who is going to benefit the most from this? The spirit, the soul of the flesh” once its not the spirit….dont try it. Except it is necessary, and the spirit must agree to that which is necessary.

The pride of life- this is the simplest of all. All you need to conquer this is not to have anything in possession. (did you say this is the toughest?) no, no it is not. And what i mean by no possessions is…consider nothing as really yours, because they arent really yours, they are from God so He may have need for them anytime. By this you will not feel attached to anything.

This is where the cookie crumbles for now.

Stay tuned.



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