Blind and happy about it! Yay! Am blind!

What kinda post is this? You may ask. But i am going to tell you why am happy that am blind.

Well, the age of technology has made things easy for those that are handicapped in some parts. Hmmmm… Thats not bad, but thats really not what i am talking about today. I was listening to @jeremypearsons on his message on faith and the Holy Spirit started speaking to my spirit.

We are the race of people who are blind, who are called blind, who are tagged blind! But it doesnt bother us in the slightest bit.

What is the reason we are happy about it?

Its because we do not operate at the level and frequency the world operates, it is simple enough. The world works with and in and by “”FACTS””, but we are much better than that..’even if they call us names because of it’, we walk by “”FAITH””, that is what gives us the edge!

We are happy they call us blind. But we are happy that we see more than them even in our blindness. We are the sons and daughters of the Living one, the Holy one of Israel, the might Father, the supreme Ruler, the maker of the Heavens and the Earth, the Holder of the Universe in the palm of His hands. The Living Fire that never dies, the eternal source of Live and potent power.

We are the blessed race. We walk by faith and not by sight…we have all we need and all we will ever need. Yes! We have got JESUS!



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