Dominate you shall.

Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the world and subdue it, have dominion over everything…these were the blessings of God to man. God gave us the authority to dominate, this is practicable in the days of Jesus. Jesus went about preaching the gospel and healing people along his path. As christians we have been given authority to trample on scorpions and serpents and to overcome all the powers of the enemy, and nothing in the slightests will hurt us, now thats dominion.

I was praying some time ago and the spirit of the Lord ministered to me telling me what am about to tell you. The bible records ‘…let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ this is the prototype of the teaching of prayer to the disciples then. The will of God in heaven should be manifested in earth. There is no sickness, disease, infirmity, death, sorrows, pains and the likes in heaven. Earth can be like that as well (even for believers).

Well, this doesnt happen with the stroke of a magic wand. Domination is a gradual process. This is destroying all the works of the devil when you see it and in the stead raising the banner of the Lord. Jesus didnt heal all the people in galilee all at once, its a day at a time, he kept moving and healing and setting people free.

Domination starts where you are, dominate your household for christ, then go to your neighbourhood then keep moving till the whole world is dominated. Things dont happen as we want it because christians dont act on the authority they have been given.

It is time to show the glory and power of the Lord on earth, all creation earnestly await the manifestation of the sons of God. It is time to move, it is time to act, it is time to dominate!

Go! Go for it. Its yours!


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