One man army

There are some people that refer to themselves as many-in-one. To a degree, this may be true. But i have been made to understand that it doesnt last. I see this as selfishness in most cases.

Though there are sometimes when utility people are needed, but this should not become a thing of pride in itself. In a case of this, the best thing is to impact as many people as possible for the sake of posterity.

Sometimes, it is not a good idea that one man does everything everytime, it will wear you out faster and make you ineffective as the time go on.

‘one man can go fast, but many people can go far’. This is the point am trying to prove here. Sometimes it is not all about speed alone but length, depth, height and altitude and this can be achieved faster when people work together.

So it is expedient for the shepherd to teach the sheep and let the teaching go on…

Reach as many people as possible so as to leave a lasting impact when you are no more.



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