The torn veil

This is going to be a short one, i just want to explain what the Holy Spirit taught me. The love of God for us is so immense and unsearchable, incomprehensible, He has so much expectations for us but we just dont see things the way He sees things.

You will notice a level and great anticipation in the even that took place after the death of christ on the cross. The veil of the temple was torn almost immediately. God was so anxious to make us see Him for who He really is, thats why He did not waste time with the tearing of the veil of the Holiest of Holies.

Are you beholding God the way He wants you to? Or is sin still holding back your sight?
Flee from sin and behold the face of God. (only those who are holy and pure in spirit can see God). Give Him that spiritual worship He wants and i am sure beyond uncertainty that He is ready to pour so much on you that your generations will till be feeling the effect.



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