Can u play chess?

The chess game as we know it is a strategic game. The end of a game may as well be made by the very first move in the game. The discernment we need in this time should be as stern and solid as that which is being used be masters in the game of chess. Every decision and movement is carefully judges. To win in a chess game, you cannot leave your fate to time and chance, you much be several moves ahead of your opponent.

In the dispensation that we find ourselves, we need to be as wise as serpents yet meek as the dove. Our foreknowledge should come from no one else but the very spirit of GOD himself. However, it is in a place of total surrender that we can accomplish this.

In the next few days, grave events will start unfolding, you need to be prepared for what is coming….the times are upon us, we need to continuously put on the whole and full arnor of the LORD that we may be able to stand and stand strong when the evil day comes.

Are you prepared. Have you trained your spirit, soul and body by constantly meditating on the words of the LORD? Because thats the only thing that can give you strength.

“he who endures to the end shall be saved“



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