Giving to receive….

Just felt like sharing this with everyone, a few moments ago, i was having a chat with a church member of mine, we were talking about sowing seed. I listened to the testimony of this sister as she related her experience of her giving and her receiving. When you give cheerfulls as the holy spirit instructs you, you will see unexpected harvest. Even though you may need to go through a period of endurance, they are necessary for the great harvest. This is to prove your faithfulness. Let us understand that nothing is really ours, so there is no problem in giving our what we have to receive much more.

The harvest is always greater than the seed. And there is always a period of waiting and pruning before the time of harvest. But when the harvest comes, the joy overweighs the pains and struggles.
So let us put our mind to rest as we sow these seeds of help aid and assistance to our fellow brethren. Our reward will surely be great! It has been testedand tried!


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