A peek into my diary

First thing you need to know about me is that am an intercessor, and with that comes warfare as a result of standing in gap. I have always been on the lookout for the welfare of my church members, sometimes i could be seen as blunt but am never strict. I try to put my members first in attention (except i have an appointment i shouldn‘t miss) it‘s not that i dont attend to others but i have my priorities…i always make sure the children are fed before thinking about the dogs (paraphrased from the words of christ).

But lately it seems the children are calling more of the dogs(this isnt an insult, so dont take it as such) to eat together. As a result, i am bridging the gap between both as at the moment.
I deal with warfare and prayers resulting in deliverance, healing and total freedom from diabolic and demonic contriviances.

Am really not here to talk about me per se, but to make us understand that we all need to be more prayerful, and we should all get ready to stand and fight. But probably most important….more people are required to take up the sacrifice to stand in the gap for others.



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