The ground shakes

I can feel it in my spirit, the earth quakes and shakes as soldiers marching….the marching chant with steps of a giant army. That really isn’t my concern, but that we should be steadfast, because soon it shall be upon us and we’ll have to face it with our faith or with our blood and some with their lives. Finally the light of Christ shall shine but the question is…”will you be among those holding the torch?” please think about this.


2 thoughts on “The ground shakes

  1. A painful thing is that, some will start well but will run out of strength fast, others will run out of faith, others will run out of inspiration, others will run out of assistance, some run out when it matters most, and most painfully but equally rewarding as well….some will fall at the last minute. ENDURANCE, FAITH, TRUST, OBEDIENCE, LOVE, POWER, ANOINTING, GRACE, MERCY, FELLOWSHIP, SPIRIT, STRENGTH, TOTAL SUBMISSION, SACRIFICE, INTERCESSION, COMPASSION, ZEAL, SPIRITUAL HUNGER, HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM WITH EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING IN TONGUES! There are all we need.

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