You don’t need a prophet, or even an archangel to tell you that the things that are happening on earth are not normal, and this is just a process in it…more is still to come.

I had a dream this morning and it’s part of what prompted me to write this post…again…although i’ve written something similar before but when something is being re-emphasized then it’s pointing to the importance of such things. The earth is crying, groaning and yelling doom! The fire of texas, earthquakes, approaching comet, terrorism, indiscriminate killings, death of aquatic wildlife…the list is endless, God is trying to tell everyone that something big is coming in their own understanding, the geographers, scientists, archaeologists, etc, now it’s time to listen or face the bell….GOD HELP US ALL.

Sometimes ago, i gave a prophesy about the “battle of the elements” i.e earth, fire, water, air, that was before all these things start coming…
Next in line is being prepared for great changes in the world, persecutions, enforcements and deaths. But the sealed shall not be hurt. Even death shall be a joyful thing to them.


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