When the earth goes red

It is with a heavy heart that i write this, because i am so burdened in my spirit as to what is soon to befall the earth, the events don’t bother me but my Spirit weeps for the number of souls and lives that will perish during the events,

just before going through a note of a dear friend of mind in Christ “san davis”, her not was a confirmation of what i saw, so i just had to write this to inform and alert the people.
I saw the earth grow red, my sight was from the celestial, first of all the red was as a result of Fire like a splint, but soon i was given the knowledge that it was also of blood.
Inhabitants of the earth, blood and fire will soon be the story of the earth, a lot of wailings and riot noises were heard. And till now i still have a heavy heart.
The day of the Lord comes…pls i beg you, repent, there’s no way we can escape this unless we have the seal of God which only people filled with the Holy Spirit can possess…he who has ears let him hear…


2 thoughts on “When the earth goes red

  1. It was more of the sound and depiction of hell, now when people say hell on earth, they have on idea what’s like but i tell you, that’s what’s going to happen…to all christians and believers, all i’d say now, is prepare your hearts and mind for persecutions…the great persecutions comes during the great tribulation, but i tell you. No one will escape persecution…even before the rapture of the saints.

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