Choir3 heirarchical disposition answered

“In heirarchical dispositions, choir3 looks up and offers word to count.”

the brief exposition;
when you hear of choir3, then there’s a high chance that there are choir1, 2, and probably 4, the looks up makes the 4 certain, offering word to count is a classical use of language, it’s more of calling for attention in a threating manner, in a way making choir4 feel insecure(well, that’s what choir3 thinks), so in a short word, the exposition of this in one word is HUMILITY. if u need more explanation, let me know.



One thought on “Choir3 heirarchical disposition answered

  1. An explanation could be the example of lucifer in the bible, who was of a lower order but envied God’s glory and presence, so he offered word to count, by causing a rebellion which lead to his fall from grace….humility would have kept him in heaven but pride goes before a fall….

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