It’s not that hard is it?

How hard can it get? How tough can it get? How impossible can it seem? The basic thing is it’s not as hard as it seems…once you just know the basis and work with it…

Living a righteous life is not an impossible task(not that i’m perfect or anything…the truth is i’m not….yet) but it’s not that difficult. People see sin as something that they have no choice but to commit….

The Holy Spirit is a perfect gentleman, he sees the heart and knows the motives for all of our actions…all of them, he also realises our strengths and weaknesses, so sometimes when we come short of his standards and right standing with the Father, he doesn’t just shoosh us away.

Once you fall short, what the Holy Spirit doesn’t want is you trying to hide your sins or playing smart with him. Be quick to repent and forget about it. Once you do that….i mean sins you don’t intensionally commit…once you do that and you understand the Holy Spirit for who he truely is, showing him highest degree of love, sincerity and honesty…you’ll see it’s not that hard to stay righteous…try it out. It works….it’s working for me. It can for you too.


One thought on “It’s not that hard is it?

  1. This is a very good post and your blog is very good. I wish people would learn to listen as well and take comfort in knowing the Spirit that is within us who are sealed. My hope if for others to see and learn before it is too late. Thank you for the post, very good!

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