It’s no coincidence…

I’ve said it before and i’m saying it again…. Everything happening is not coincidence, the whole egypt, israel, palestine, obama, osama….it’s all a move. Only those who can think a few steps ahead will understand it and would not be caught unawards when the final blow is struck.

He who has ears let hi hear, it’s just like a chess game, carefully planned and being put together. Only those who possess true wisdom can see ahead and know the next phase of the events that will take place. From now on, everything you see is so significant.

Just sit back, and start from the begining of this year and assemble all the things that have made world news and arrange them in order, then if you’re wise, you’ll see between the lines…


3 thoughts on “It’s no coincidence…

  1. All the earthquakes, nuclear meshiver, riots, war, floods, every little things happening is not happening due to coincidence, if u know a chess game well, maybe you might be wise enough to know what the next move will be

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