Who are you?

This is going to be a short and a precise post.

How do you see yourself? There is only one way you can view yourself that would not make you feel less than the rest. Alot of people have problems with their personalities, they’re shy to express themselves, they have this mindset that they’re not as good as the next guy. Well, that’s your view.

Now this is how you should view yourself…


I think the best example i can use is with the height, different people have different heights, some are tall and some are short, now the question is….who determines who’s tall and who’s not….ask yourself…you will realise that you’ve been led to believe the wrong thing about yourself. So from now on have this about yourself. This will help you boost your self image. You are the perfect man, a taller man has a disease and a shorter man isnt good enough. With this mentality, it boost your self image and brings out the best in you. You are the very best there is, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise….


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