life span of your blog

here are some tips that i have found that i think will be able to make your posts live longer.

title attraction

this is the first thing that people will see when they visit your blog, so your title must be meaningful and it musy not turn people off.

freshly pressed

thanks to wordpress, being freshly pressed is the best thing that can publicise your post, but being freshly pressed is so random that it would be a miracle if you get freshlypressed three tmes in a row, so in the case that you are not being freshly pressed, there are other tips that you can use to help your posts.

first eight days

what do i mean by this? well ststistics(my stats) has shown that the period where you get the most traffic on your post iis in the forst eight days of its publication, so what are you to do in the first eight days of the publication of your post?…you are to publicise them in the fastest way possible.

loyal friends

there are some times that the only thing that can bring smiles to your face is your loyasl friends…these are friends that you have build over time in the blog community, and how do you make sucj friends?


you havr to subscribe to blogs also. you cannot be an island, subscribe to blogs that inspire you and help you in your area of interest.


reputation is somethng that you are to guide with your life. you have to take a stand. you should not be a jack of all traits…stand for something.

things in vogue

this is another way to get people to storm your blog, this is by posting things that are recent and curent

i believe that with these few tips, ypui should get the best traffic to your blog….and remember that IT IS JUST IN EIGHT DAYS.


4 thoughts on “life span of your blog

  1. Interesting post. And I agree with a lot of what you said — especially the “take a stand.” That’s why we’re reading blogs, right? To really see what other people think and know and believe. Thanks for sharing!

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