The woman of my dreams

Isnt she pretty?
Every man has the woman of his dreams and every woman has her dream prince charming. A lot are still searching and hoping to meet their dream person, well happy hoping and searching, hope you’ll see them before you grow old.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison, different men want different characteristics in their dream woman, some are totally into blondes, others brunettes, some latinos, asians et al, but i’m not here to talk about all men’s dreams. I’m here to talk about mine.

First of all, i’m a tall dude, almost 1.90m(well that’s kinda tall considering the average age) so the first thing in my dream woman must be height, she must be tall. In a lot of my dealings i’ve come across a lot of short and average height people and i always get a pitiful similitude whenever i look at them and see them stressing their meals backwards and looking at me like i’m a skyscraper (no offence shorties). So my dream woman must be tall for a woman’s height.

Having that cleared out, i’m a slim guy, so slim girls are fine with me. I dont want to go around with my dream woman and people see us as timun and pumba(no, i dont want that), so i wont go for anything but slim….and oh!, probably the most important, she must be slim and beautifully pretty(can you see the emphasis?) shoosh!, if you dont fall in this category.

Dark or fair?, well this is the place where i’ve not made up my mind. I once wanted my dream woman to be fair-just as i an fair, but there was this day i was at the mall and i saw this beautiful dark girl….gosh, she was so pretty that i changed my mind instantly that day. So right now i think i’ll go for either…or what do you think?

I’m kinda an introvert, but this is the time i would not want a bird of a feather, my dream woman must not, i repeat, must not be an introvert, she must be lively and a lil troublesome-guys, i said a little, someone who can jeer me up always.

Uummm….age? Well concerning the age thing, we might be almost mates or a lil younger…so what’s my age you ask? I’ll tell if you were my dream woman….lol.

So with this posted out. The entries can start pouring in….


15 thoughts on “The woman of my dreams

  1. Aside from not wanting her to be an introvert, you place a lot of emphasis on the physical. Are you taking physical over personality? Personally, I think beautiful woman are almost everywhere. That’s not scarce. However, what is scarce is beautiful woman with equally beautiful personalities.

    P.S. Good luck finding your dream woman!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Well not really. Personality and physic are side a side it’s just hard to see the personality while looking at someone from a distance. This can only be known in detail when you get time to know the person PERSONALLY. Thanks for reading the post.

  3. Spring will be here before we know it, and love will be in the air! I enjoyed reading this, it is sweet. πŸ™‚ I hope you find your dream woman soon, or at least someone close to her. Be open to the possibilities, and you may be surprised who your dream woman will end up being.

  4. So?? Did your dream woman find you through this post? πŸ™‚ I actually really appreciate how much thought you’ve put into this, at least with regard to the physical characteristics. Maybe you can do a follow-up with non-physical traits (beyond her not being an introvert). I’m curious!

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