When your body goes automatic…

What is automatic? You’re possibly thinking about something now… Basically automatic means self power, that is something working by it self without external force.

During my experience in life… Well they’re personal, meaning it’s happened to me. I have come to realise that there are sometimes that our bodies or organs work automatically. Actually they do but we are not so conscious of them

well, that’s the point. If i asked, how many of us are conscious of our breathing? Of our blinking eyes, …we seen pretty in control of these things. But let me ask you another question. Are you aware of these activities all day long? Thought as much. That’s where automatic comes into play. When ever you are not conscious of your activities like breathing, blinking et al, the body then runs on automatic power.

I could remember a fateful day that i walked a long distance, and when i mean long i really mean looooonnnngggggg, distance. Almost more than eight kilometers on foot…it got to a time i couldnt feel my legs again, it just went on autopilot…controlling itself. I was just looking at the legs taking me and not the other way round.

So i’ve come up with a proposition, when you are not conscious of activities in your body system…they go automatic.


4 thoughts on “When your body goes automatic…

  1. It sometimes make you wonder about the necessity of consciousness for behaviour and intelligence. Even complex, intelligent behaviours can easily be run without conscious interference.

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