Living life

The sigh of man is the sigh of life.
Some are sad, some shall smile,
the sea roars to the side,
pouring out his sane on the shore….’kaysilver group’

When the time comes to rise, one is pulled to the ground. The worst thing of all is it’s not by antagonists but by close friends. Sometimes i wanna cry….this world is vanity. Is anything really worth it? The education, marriage, children, friends. Thinking from the view of the mohican, the world brings nothing but war and chaos. But look at ying_yang the perfect semblance of nature. Good and bad, light and dark, forming a perfect balance. It keeps spinning. That is life. Therefore, sow in abundance during the rains, so that when the drought comes, you’ll have what to feed on.

Life is hope, life is hard, life is what you make of it. Life is you…you are life.


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