when your body fails…

it is not a new thing that the human body is not a hundred percent reliable. there is no such thing as a perfect body.in fact, what is the meaning of the wor5d perfect? to the best of my understanding, it is something that has no flaws…so it is in reality that we say that there is no human body that has no flaw, you can kindly step forward if yours doesn’t.

time is something that we all do not have as a friend, in fact this is our number one enemy, the law of diminishing returns is the doom of everything that there is.not to mention that illnesses and diseases are factors that slows down the efficiency of the human body

not to mention that there is a failing feeling that you get when you tend to trust your body and it fails you. one of them is the feeling that you get when you are trying to lift and object and you are not able to do it, another is the jacking you get when you make a false judgment about the depth of a surface, there is also the part of inaccuracy and the margin for error with our physical senses

the bottom line is that……do not always trust your body all the time instead get a backup sometimes or better still be cautious with every action that you take….you wanna know more? ask any aged person


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