freezing time?

well this is just a thought, so i dont want any form of legal or scientific assault on me…ok?

time freezing

i just thought of this and i want to share it with my people, most of the time, the sun is the instrument that we use to tell the time of the day…yes or no?(well most of the time, that is what i do)

so the hypothesis is this….”if you are to keep a constant eye on the sun, and the sun remains on and at the same point in the sky every time that is to say that the day has kinda paused.” at least if the sun remains at the same height then it simply means that time has not moved….

so that means that if i keep my eyes on the sun and i try to move with it across the time zones, then that means that i can be in different countries at the same time of the day…isnt that right?. the only thing about it is that although time does not move but days will be moving(although that is still under research and i will get back to you when that is done), with this it will feel like your life is a pause yet you are always moving…in my own book, this is what i can the life of seeing the sun always

or what do you feel?


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