An eye for goodness

There is no doubt that everyone has an eye(at least we are all supposed to have one…that is if we are not aliens),but on the other hand, a lot of people have eyes for good things; some people have a good eyes for good food, they can tell if a food is good just by looking at it without even having to taste out of the food, there are some people yet that have a good eyes for quality material, they can tell if a material is fake even when everybody is fooled by that same material, there are still some people that have a good eyes for great leaders, this kind of people have the kind of eyes that we can call the see- it- coming kind of eyes

an eye for goodness
an eye of goodness is a rare gift for the selected few

this good eyes thingy differs from one person to the other, race, continent, nation,family,…and so on .
it is a general belief that females have a very good eyes for knowing quality materials, for knowing the really good looking men and for beautiful clothes. men on the other hand have a good eye for aesthetics, for spotting money making avenue,and also for spotting beautiful women

with the same way that there are dirre3rent people that have eye defect, this eye of goodness can also be defected, and as eyes are sharper that the other, so is the same way that this eye for goodness is sharper from one person to the other. some people tend to see good things better than others, but the only problem with this kind of eyes is that there is no correction for the eye of if you have it, you have it and if you dont have it, then you dont.

finally, i would love to announce to you that not everyone has this eye for goodness…it is just the same way as some people are born blind from birth, that is the same way that some have their eyes for goodness blind, so if you have an eye for goodness in a particular area, you should be happy, because there are some people that are craving that good eye of yours…


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