touch this and you are touching time...
time, the greatest invention of man
As far as i am concerned. the creation and discovery of a time measuring machine or device is the greatest invention in the history of mankind. the ability to tell the time at every given point in time is a great thing. but a lot of us have taken it as a normal thing(you could only appreciate this if you were born during the dark and stone ages).

time management is something that some people don’t know how to use to the best that there is. optimization is necessary to be the best in whatever you find yourself doing.

more haste less speed

some people in an effort to save time(especially when they have wasted it on something that is not worth it) they end up hurrying and being in haste, the thing about haste is, you tend to become fast but on the other hand, you litter the ground with simple errors or mistakes which will cost extra time in correction. this is the first thing you need to know about saving time…”NEVER DO THINGS IN A HURRY” you will end up causing a lot of problems than solutions for yourself

another way to save yourself a whole lot of time is to kill a bird with two stones..wait a minute, that’s not it. OK now i got it, you kill a stone with two birds…what am i saying…(thinking)… ok now i am serious i have gotten it, it’s killing two birds with a single stone(that is the old saying but with the way that technology is going, you can possibly kill several birds for that matter with a singe stone)

killing two birds with a stone

killing two birds with a single stone is a very important thing in time management, that means that you can do two or more things but doing just one thing. for example, you can go drop your children in school and on your way back go visit the grocery in stead of going to the grocery much later in the day


priority is an important thing in business, that means doing the important things first. this is just like in an exam hall, a pupil goes for the easy problems first so there there would be more time to attempt the seeming difficult ones. i believe that that is a law of common sense. but the thing is that there are times that one may not distinctively know the one that should be the priority, this is where research and scrutiny is important, always look for the things that are more importantly necessary(hope that is not confusing?), look for the things that will bring the greatest profit or gain and do them first, this helps you converge your strength and energy when you are still strong and sharp

what can you do without being idle?


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