“Keep holding on”

perseverance is the key to success in life. without this, a lot of things will not work out fine. imagine if we give up after the very first try, or if we stopped trying after the first fall,

keep holding on
bearing the cross unto the prefect end..

there are few people that have made on the very first stroke in life. this is the dawning of reality upon us all.

this is the principle that is used in the game of luck, so when you are not successful in the first game, you will “try again”. there has in fact been many-a-song on this particular aspect of life–the don’t give up thingy—

wonder what the world would be without music?

different people have different attitudes to the perseverance thing. a lot of people are scared of failing, some dont like to hear about the idea of starting a process all over again(well actually, no one does)
some people might shake it off sooner than others while others can ruminate over the thought of starting over for days,

the basic thing is that, patience, endurance and perseverance helps us to be better people, helps us to be more experienced in the way we carry out things…..

it is only a fool that does the same thing in the same way over and over again and expects different results all the time

life is a teacher, the more we live, the more we learn. “reality is the one and only true test that can validate our dreams and aspirations”

there is no smooth journey in this life. those that you see enjoying today
must have paid the price back in the past with handwork and discipline with prayers. those are the only thing s that can make you really successful in the things that you choose to do with your life

so the big question is…


it pays to be patient and hardworking in all you do.

i think this is where i will be bringing this post to an end…hope you learn from it…


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