When the few millions vanish

the rapture is coming soon, will you be among the raptured ones?
At the glorious call of the mighty archangel (not me this time), a few millions will be taken up. And the rest will fight for their salvation which should have been taken free of charge. Take it or leave it, the great tribulation is the worst thing ever to happen to the earth and the people in then. I wonder if the “sealed” can smell the wind (angelic quote), all of nature are talking to us, if only we can listen. Then end time is come. The bride is almost ready and at the rising she would be taken up and the rest will face the wrath of the potentate regimes. He who has and ear let him hear. For satan himself will reign in human flesh and let me tell you…IT’S STARTING

as for the “sealed”, we shall meet and discuss when we all see in Heaven.


2 thoughts on “When the few millions vanish

  1. when the rapture comes, it is going to be the greatest thing on earth then before the commencement of the antiChrist..this blog and many more across the world would lead a lot of those left behind how to retrace their steps back to God.

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