The last and final battle

the final clash of the forces of Good and Evil
The celestial battle, staged on earth. The greatest battle in history, the ultimate decider, the battle between the forces of GOOD AND EVIL,

where the selected saints fight alongside the troops of angels and archangels, to face the hordes and legions of hell.

Legions of hell are already strategising, setting the formations, giving the annihiliation tasks, the secrets of setting into oblivion, reinforcing and building resistanced for the ultimate battle against the force of Good.

On the other side,the chess pieces are set:

the pawns are staged,

the castles are being fortified,

the knights are being dubbed,

the bishops are praying,

the queen is being empowered,

the king is commanding and signing appointments of all fighters,

when the clash of the duo forces of the universe meet, it’s going to be bloody, swords clanging, soldiers yelling, vultures hovering, horses neighing, until the trumpet of victory is sounded.

This is an unavertable prophecy. The forces of Good will be the last ones standing….which group do you fall into. Will you even take part in this battle? I know my office and my task, do you?

I’m so excited that i cant wait for the battle to begin.

I’m tired of the forces of evil bullying us for this long. I want to place the devil under my feet finally and for eternity…

“…and moses said, he who is on the LORD’S side, let him come to me…”

the choice is yours…he who has an ear, let him hear…

I leave you now to your decision and your destiny.


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