The WINNING Christian.

The joy of everyone is to excel in all the things they do. You’ll notice that at the start of every year, almost everyone would have a resolution, not because everyone else is having one, but because they really want to change in the coming year. But as we go down into the year, those resolutions are either forgotten or abandoned or closed.

Every christian upon being born again has his or her spirit on a clean sheet, but if body….? NO! Some-a-time the body is left to either remind us of our former ways and teach us not to sin or punishes us for our part sins. For example a female who had lost her virginity before being converted cant be restored in the body concerning her lost virginity.
Temptation is the order of the day and people(especially christians) are falling into them like rushing water. How can we overcome this? Long ago there was a story of a boy who on his way to school steals orange from a garden. Months later, he heard in sunday school that stealing is a sin and God is not happy with a sinner, so what did he do to yield to his daily temptation? Whenever he’s going to school and he gets to that street. He would run all the way until he crosses the street. That’s a positive action towards overcoming temptation. “”resist the devil and if will flee from you””.

Prayer is a very potent way to overcome temptation. Ask God for the strength to overcome.
Read the word of God always. Build up your most holy faith. Speak the word at all times, meditate on it until it is part of you.
Fellowship with believers to help grow yourselves…iron sharpens iron. “do not despise the coming together of saints” work together in love.
Get to know God in a new way everyday, that’s what i try to do. The closer you are to God, the farther you are away from the world.

With this you must be ready for some fierce fight. The closer you are to God, the stronger the temptation but glory be to God, the easier it would be to overcome…hallelujah


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