The chess experience.

Chess officials
The game of chess between two sides, always the black and the white.
Without warning, the white kingdom suddenly wakes up to see a black army marching towards it’s kingdom. With the imprumptu war at hand, all warriors were summoned, those prepared and those unprepared.
They all arrange themselves in front of the gate of the white kingdom waiting for the approaching black kingdom.

Offensive play beings with the movement of the white pawn as the war starts officially, the black kingdom warriors were fast and merciless aiming with speed and accuracy, the clanging and slashing of swords and yelling of men was the sound of the day.

The fortress of the white kingdom was already destroyed, (the castle), and their defences were weakening, the bishops started to pray, committing the white kingdom into via hands of God, some distance to the king an official wailed, ‘we are done for, we’re finished’, ‘all hope is not lost,’ the old white king encouraged, impressed by such words, a white pawn summon strength and fights with all his might.

Check!, said the black queen, the white king was astonished and ran for cover. With one slash she killed the white queen, the white kingdom stood still and silent as they watch their potent white queen fall to the ground….dead. No…..!! Shouted the white king, ‘check again’,the black queen said laughing cynically, the white king runs for cover. ‘Check’, she said again, the brave white pawn leaps infront of the black queen since the white king had nowhere else to run. The black queen laughed as she moved away aiming to destroy the knights to render the kingdom powerless. Impressed by the act of bravery of the white pawn, a white knight secretly follows it to guide it.

The black knights with a violent swing destroyed the white bishops, the spiritual head of the white kingdom was finished, there was now on hope. ‘one more move, and the white king is history’, thought the black queen, the white king with wet tears on his cheek begins to say his last prayers…

Far away at the other end of the battle. An harmonous cry was heard…CHECKMATE!!, the black queen looked with surprise and fury, and behold she saw the brave white knight she spared and a white knight holding the head of the black king in their hands…. you shall pay for this! She shouted: massive attack!! She ordered, as the whole black kingdom runs with venomous rage towards the two heroes.

Suddenly, there was a bright light in the sky as troops of angels and archangels flew down from the clouds and they fought against the black nation. Capturing all the black kingdom and imprisoning them for all eternity…the old white king looked at the skies and whispered ‘thank you Jesus’.

Heaven helps those who help themselves…

This piece is copyright and protected. Editing, duplication piracy or any such means without the knowledge of the owner is punishable by law.

Kenny omiyale.


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