the ability to do whatever you wish and want without been pressured to has something to do with freewill.
earth, the third planet of the solar system, the place that best soothes live and living things. earth is very special place to the earthlings(humans and lives on earth). this earth is the midpoint between two worlds viz: the world of total positive energy and the world of total negative energy. it is not midpoint in the sense of distance or displacement but in the terms of realm.
heaven is the place above, not necessarily in the physical sense ,it is the place of joy, worship,singing and glory, hell on the other hand is the place beneath, not in the physical sense as there are many gateways to hell even on earth, the place of darkness, weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth, place of torment, the abode of satan and his demons, earth on the other hand is a place of balance of both worlds. just like the yingyang in the chinese philosophy earth is the only place where both worlds can interact freely without problems in as much as they are interacting with the earthlings.
so at this point the power is in your hands(if you have not realised it, freewill is a power on its own). something both realms do not have but you have because you are on earth and a human. so how do you use yours? which realm do you communicate with with your free will? the choice is yours, because all man will suffer or enjoy the consequences of their actions
you can choose to use your freewill for the best cause now! and that is using it in worshiping and communicating with the heavens….for those that have been using their freewill for the wrong cause and wish to start using it for the best cause, it is not too late, you can take a U-turn now and change your angle from looking and acting down to looking and acting up into the heavens.
so you just have to turn to Jesus today, He is always ready to take you back into his arms. start a new start today, read the biblee daily to grow, pray and speak to God everyday, build a fast growing relationship with HIM and you will be surprised at what you have been missing when you were in the world. It is really fun being in the presence of Jesus. try in today and if you find it not worth it,…hit me on the face, i’m that confident of Christ, you will be surprised in a few times from now, you will be saying what i am saying…that is talking about how grreat and loving God is…….till next blog………


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