Pressure…the cause of all pain

Pressure…pressure…pressure, well that’s something i hear all the time most of the time. It’s either you’re pressuring someone or someone is pressuring you. Usually in this state you feel uneasy.

When you hear the word pain, what comes to your mind? Blood gushing outta your skin? severe headache? A loud punch on your face? A thud sound upon hitting your face on a wall? Name it… A whole lot of things can cause you pain.

Pain has categories, we have physical, emotional, spiritual,…. which are all caused by various factors. Now, what is the correlation of pressure with pain? Pressure is felt whenever there’s a difference in internal, atmospheric, emotional pressure. When the pressure in you is not equal to the surrounding, you feel uneasy sort of. The words like stress ,et al all have to do with pressure. So pain is always most of the time caused by imbalance of pressure within us and our environ…. The only way to live a painless life is to keep the pressures at equilibrum….

Here are some tips in achieving painlessness as much as possible…
Physical: no pinching, cutting bruising of the skin, staying in environment where these are possible is not the best thing..

Emotional: always try to bring the level of your internal pressure to equal to the external or the other way round

spiritual: always be in tune with the creator. And dont ever lose track of Him..that’s an important fact.

With these few tips, i hope you can start making your general life less painful…till next blog….adios


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