adaptation is the ability on anything to blend with the current circumstance without necessarily leading to the end of that thing. in the humandom, adaptation helps us to survive, a lot of people are afraid of the word ‘change’.it is believed that there ids nothing that the human cannot adapt to. how true is this? humans have succussfully adapted and still adapting to the changes in the weather, to change in style of government, to emotional change and mood swings, to the annoying boss, to the blast of music beside your abode, the wailing of a baby in the bus, the list can be endless…..
let us now go to the two ends of eternity. let us look at the bright side first HEAVEN, this is the place where change ceases to exist, where there is glory that blinds, where there are songs of the host of angels….hey! dont start dreaming….
i know that it is a lovely feeling.. but let us go to the other side…..HELL, can anyone adapt to the heat and torment? dont even think of it, the weeping and gnashing of teeth will be so aweful… but you can escape it….

Jesus is the only way you can escape the hell of fire…. accept Him now… tomorrow may be too late…


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