Be informed

Be are being alerted now!
Watchout and be alert. Hear what the spirit is saying, hear what the world is saying, see what the stars are saying…the whole world is speaking to us, telling us things which were, are and are to come. Study the times and seasons. To every lie to every rumour….there is a truth. The harvest of the world is at hand, the sickle is raised, the trumpet is raised, the horses are neighing, the host of heaven are on marks. Just waiting for the big GO!! Of God.
I’m not saying you should not mind what you are doing in the world at the moment. I just want to say dont forget about your source. The kingdom of heaven…it cometh with swift wings….be ready. Prophesies are flying here and there and they are being fulfiled…the time is counting…time shall soon cease…when it does, where would it stop you? Where would you be caught? Watchout….to be continued


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